Applications Federal Inspection Equine  (July 3, 2013  PDF only)

Constituent Update  (Jun 28, 2013  PDF only)
Update on a grant of inspection to a horse slaughter establishment and related materials as well as other items of interest.  

FSIS Directive 6130.1   (Jun 28, 2013  3013; PDF Only; 9 pp PDF only)
Ante-Mortem, Postmortem Inspection of Equines and Documentation of Inspection Tasks  

FSIS Final Response to Petition  (Jun 28,2013 PDF only)
Petition Submitted by Shiff Hardin LLP  (Apr 6, 2012; PDF Only)

This Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook contains test methods used by FSIS Laboratories to support the Agency's inspection program, ensuring that meat, poultry, and egg products are safe, wholesome and accurately labeled.

The Guidebook contains methods for the analysis of food composition, food additives, nutrients, veterinary drug and pesticide residues. Methods are designed to provide analysts with written documentation to facilitate training, performance, quality assessment, and interpretation of data.

The contents of this Guidebook are continuously revised and updated. Future updates will include other methods previously published in the printed version of the Guidebook, which is no longer available for distribution. 

The following are updates:

Filename Method Number Title Effective Date
CLG-AMG2.pdf R01b Screening and Confirmation for Aminoglycosides by LC-MS-MS Feb 27, 2013
CLG-CAM1.pdf R08a Screening for Chloramphenicol by ELISA Apr 15, 2013
CLG-PST5.pdf R33d Screening for Pesticides by LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS Apr 15, 2013
CLG-MRM1.pdf R45 Screening and Confirmation of Animal Drug Residues by UHPLC-MS-MS Apr 15, 2013
CLG-PBZ3.pdf R26

Screening of Phenylbutazone Residues by ELISA

May 15, 2013
CLG-TOX1.pdf R48 Identification of Poisons and Toxins by GC-MS May 5, 2013