Rancho Recall Explained


As of March 20, 2014, FSIS has completed all checks (effectiveness checks and disposition verification checks) for recalls 002-2014 and 013-2014 regarding Rancho Feeding Corporation. FSIS has determined that based on the number of successful checks (see Directive 8080.1, Attachment 1, Table 3) where businesses were notified of the recall and removed affected products from commerce that the recall activities were effective.

There will be no further additions to the distribution list. Because of widespread interest in both of these recalls, however, FSIS has decided to temporarily* leave the recall releases and distribution lists in the “active” section of the recalls website, rather than moving it to the “archive” section, as is usual policy, in an effort to continue to make the information as accessible as possible.

*Note: Cases have now been removed from the active listing. (January 27, 2015)


FSIS inspection personnel were present at Rancho Feeding Corporation during normal operations, as required by law.

At this time, USDA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is conducting an investigation into activities at the facility.  FSIS is partnering with OIG on the investigation and is unable to comment further while the investigation is ongoing.

Any meat product that is processed without the full benefit of inspection is considered unwholesome and unfit for human consumption. Therefore, FSIS requested, and the establishment agreed to conduct a Class I recall of all products, including whole carcasses, produced from Jan. 1, 2013 through Jan. 7, 2014.

FSIS has received no reports of illness from consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an illness should contact a healthcare provider.

Many of the carcasses that were the subject of the recall were shipped to other establishments where they were processed into smaller cuts and sold. Some of this meat was included in processed products, such as frozen entrees.

As part of the recall process, FSIS personnel track down the distribution of the product. Because this recall occurred at the source—the slaughter establishment—FSIS has followed the path of the recalled product as the cuts were sold for processed food.

Additional Resources

The recall release for Recall 013-2014 is available on the FSIS website.

Inspection 101 provides an overview of how agency inspectors and veterinarians oversee the safe production of meat, poultry and egg products that enter commerce.

To understand the recall process, the FSIS Recall Directive explains how and why the agency conducts recalls.

To understand ante-mortem inspection, please read FSIS Directive 6100.1 Ante-Mortem Livestock Inspection.

To understand post-mortem inspection, please read FSIS Directive 6100.2 Post-Mortem Livestock Inspection.

To learn more about the law that sets the guidelines to ensure the nation’s meat, poultry and egg supply are safe, read the Federal Meat Inspection Act.

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Where Did Rancho Product Go?

Rancho Feeding Corporation to Distribution Centers to Processing Establishments to Retail Establishments

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