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Export Requirements for Brazil

BR-36 (Feb 13, 2017)

Asterisks (*) indicate the most recent revision to these requirements. To search, click on your browser's "Edit" menu, then click on "Find (on this page)". Enter "*" in the "Find What" field, then click "Find" or "Find Next" until all asterisks have been identified.

Eligible/Ineligible Products

  1. Eligible Product
    1. Beef, beef products, and beef offals sourced from cattle slaughtered and processed on or after July 27, 2016.
    2. Pork casings.
    3. Lamb casings imported from New Zealand that have not undergone processing or repackaging in the U.S.
    4. Airline Meals - U.S. meat intended for use in meals on airlines for the consumption of the crew and passengers on board international flights may be exported from any U.S. inspected facility.
    5. Protein free tallow.
    6. Edible products for pharmaceutical or other industrial purposes.

  2. Ineligible Product
    1. Beef, beef products, and offals that have undergone radiation treatment.
    2. Fresh/frozen poultry and poultry products.
    3. Fresh/frozen and further processed pork and pork products.

Processing Requirements

  1. Processing Requirements
    1. Bulk-packed meat products must be packaged in plastic (cryovac or similar material), even if packed in waxed or impermeable boxes.
    2. The production date (date on which the product was prepared) must be identified on the master carton.

Label Registration Requirements

  1. Information for Exporters on Label Registration: Brazil requires that labels be registered before exports can be certified by FSIS. Exporting establishments are responsible for obtaining the label registration from the Government of Brazil. FSIS is not responsible for label registration with the Government of Brazil – either the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) and/or the Department of Animal Origin Products (DIPOA). However, documentation of the label registration with MAPA/DIPOA must be provided to and verified by FSIS personnel and the label registration number must be included on the FSIS Beef, Beef Products, and Offals letterhead certificate (LHC) which is required as part of export certification.

  2. Requests for label registration can only be submitted by establishments who are already included on the Eligible Establishment List for Brazil. Instructions on how to obtain establishment registration are included below in the “Establishments Eligible to Export” section of this Export Library. Once an establishment is registered with the Government of Brazil, label registration is obtained by the establishment. The establishment must complete the label registration in the Government of Brazil’s electronic system (which is in Portuguese) in order to obtain the registration. Please see the attached label template.

  3. If requested, USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) in Brasilia, Brazil can facilitate the label registration process. Please contact:

       Priscila Ming, USDA/FAS Brasilia
       E-mail: priscila.ming@fas.usda.gov or agbrasilia@fas.usda.gov

    Note: FAS Brasilia’s role in the label registration process is to pass information and assist the U.S. exporter in accessing the MAPA/DIPOA system. FAS Brasilia will not copy or keep a file or record of the information sent to the MAPA/DIPOA by the U.S. exporter for label registration purposes.  

  4. The importer based in Brazil may also be able to provide assistance to the U.S.-based exporter in preparing the required form(s) and label(s) in Portuguese. Please contact your Brazil-based importer for assistance with Portuguese.

  5. Brazil’s label registration process may take several weeks to complete. Once the Government of Brazil (MAPA/DIPOA) makes a decision about the label registration application, the electronic system will send an e-mail to the U.S.-based exporter and the process is complete.

  6. Finally, please retain all documentation regarding Brazil’s label registration at your establishment as it will be required to be viewed by FSIS personnel to complete export certification.

Documentation Requirements

  1. Certification
    1. Beef, beef products, and beef offals - Obtain FSIS Form 9060-5, Export Certificate of Wholesomeness and FSIS Letterhead Certificate for the Export of Beef, Beef Products, and Beef Offals to Brazil.

      Note: The FSIS Letterhead Certificate requires that the exporter provide documentation to the FSIS inspector that a label registration number has been granted by Brazil. A separate Letterhead Certificate indicating the Brazil label registration number is required for each product listed on the 9060-5 certificate.

    2. Glands for Pharmaceutical Use
      1. Edible product- Obtain FSIS Form 9060-5. Do not check the box certifying “wholesomeness”. Type the following statement in the remarks section "FOR PHARMACEUTICAL USE ONLY".

    3. Pork Casings produced domestically - Obtain FSIS Form 9060-7 (08/26/2011), Export Certificate for Animal Casings. In addition a bilingual FSIS Letterhead Certificate is required.

      Note: U.S. origin salted hog casings that were sent to China for selection can be certified for export to Brazil.

    4. Lamb casings imported from New Zealand that have not undergone processing or repackaging in the U.S. - Obtain FSIS Form 9060-18 (08/25/2011), Animal Casings Export Certificate for Countries Requiring Ante-mortem, Post-mortem, and Sound and Clean Statement.

      Note: The exporter is responsible for ensuring that any certification issued by New Zealand that is required for entry into Brazil accompanies the shipment.

    5. Airline Meals - Obtain FSIS Form 9060-5. Type the following statement in the "Remarks" section:

      "This product is intended for exclusive use for airline or ship meals."

      Note: Certificates should never be stamped with the export stamp or embossed with a stamp.

Establishments Eligible to Export*

  1. Establishment Registration
    1. Any federally inspected U.S. meat establishment interested in exporting to Brazil must submit FSIS Form 9080-3 to the FSIS Import Export Policy Development Staff by fax at (202) 720-7990 or by email - importexport@fsis.usda.gov.
      1. The application (FSIS Form 9080-3) should have the following information:
        1. Establishment Number;
        2. Establishment Name as indicated on the MPI Directory;
        3. Physical Location of Establishment as indicated on the MPI Directory (not a corporate office address);
        4. Type of Operation (slaughter, processing, boning, cold storage)
        5. Species (beef, other: includes pork casings, lamb casings);
        6. Contact information of the establishment representative including name, telephone number and fax number.

  2. Eligible Establishment List for Brazil*
    FSIS will certify these establishments to the Government of Brazil. Product cannot be shipped until confirmation of both establishment and label of registration is received from the Government of Brazil. When FSIS receives notification from the Government of Brazil that the establishment is registered with MAPA/DIPOA, FSIS will update the Eligible Establishment List for Brazil*. This list is available through the Export Library internet link or can be requested from FSIS at (855) 444-9904.
Last Modified Apr 02, 2018