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FSIS Educational Campaigns

This page will help you browse this section by the specific educational campaign. We also offer a consolidated listing of consumer education materials offered on the FSIS Web site.

Food Safe Families Campaign Icons

Check Your Steps: Food Safe Families

Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill: Food Safe Families simplifies and updates safe food handling recommendations. This is a joint, national, multimedia public service campaign from FSIS, FDA, CDC, and the Ad Council.

Screen capture from Cook It Safe Video

Cook It Safe

The "Cook It Safe" campaign encourages cooks of all ages to read and follow all cooking instructions printed on food packages before preparation. Prevent foodborne illness in your home or dorm room with 4 "Cook It Safe" tips.

Be Food Safe logo

Be Food Safe (BeFoodSafe.gov)

Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill! The Be Food Safe campaign uses consumer-tested materials and messages to help consumers change their behavior and maintain those changes.

Image of Fight BAC!®

Fight BAC!® - The Partnership for Food Safety Education

Fight foodborne bacteria and reduce the risk of illness with the Partnership, a non-profit organization representing the food industry, government, and consumers. 

Image of USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone

Food Safety Discovery Zone: The USDA Food Safety Mobile

Learn more about the new version of USDA's eye-catching education and outreach vehicle. Four interactive learning stations inside will teach visitors to clean, separate, cook, and chill for safety.

Grill It Safe

Grill it Safe

When cooking outdoors, follow food safety steps before the good eating can begin.

Is it done yet? magnet

Is It Done Yet? (IsItDoneYet.gov)

The theme of this national campaign asks, "Is it done yet? You can't tell by looking. Use a food thermometer to be sure!" By using a food thermometer to check whether meat, poultry or egg dishes are done, you can prevent overcooking and eliminate guesswork.

National Food Safety Education Month Logo

National Food Safety Education Month® (NFSEM)

Restaurants and foodservice operations, hospitality associations, colleges and universities, federal, state, and local government agencies, and consumer organizations across the country participate in this September observance.

Image of Thermy


Meet Thermy™, whose job it is to encourage more Americans to use food thermometers. Find out why food thermometers are a key to food safety. Visit special Thermy™ pages for kids, educators, and businesses. Download Thermy™ artwork, graphics, and educational materials.

everything counts

Todo Cuenta cuando se Trata de Cuidar a su Familia (En Español)

"Everything Counts When it Comes to Protecting your Family" is a national campaign designed to extend the basic principles of safe food handling and foodborne illness prevention to our Spanish speaking audience.

MyPlate logo

Related Links: MyPlate/MiPlato

The USDA's food guidance system is comprised of the MyPlate symbol and other materials to help Americans make healthy food choices and to be active every day. The site is sponsored by USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.



Last Modified Sep 23, 2020