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Kitchen Companion Image Library

These safe food handling images appear in the publication,  Kitchen Companion: Your Safe Food Handbook. Images are arranged to follow the chapters in the publication.

For an index of all consumer publications, go to Fact Sheets.
Be Food Safe; Foodborne Bacteria

Be Food Safe logo Separate cutting boards Food Prep Area Preparing Produce
Be Food Safe logo
JPG (13k) JPG (5.6mb)
All Campaign Logos
Separate Cutting Boards
JPG (4.3mb)
Food Prep Work Area
JPG (210k)
JPG (5.2mb)
Preparing Ready-to-Eat Food (Produce)
JPG (197k)
JPG (1.5mb)

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Shopping for Food

Raw and read-to-eat items separated in shopping cart Groceries in Car Danger Zone graphic USDA Organic label on food package
Shopping Cart
JPG (677k)
JPG (6.85mb)
TIF (7.1mb)
EPS (9mb)
Groceries in Car
JPG (244k)
JPG (2.1mb)
The "Danger Zone"
JPG (104k)
JPG (689k)
EPS (9.6mb)
USDA Organic Label
JPG (159k)
JPG (7.2mb)

Sell-by Label Best If Used By label 'Not Ready to Eat' product label Safe Handling Instructions label
"Sell By" Label
JPG (20k)
JPG (243k)
"Use By" Label
JPG (72k)
JPG (100k)
"Not Ready to Eat" Label
JPG (133k)
JPG (195k)
Safe Handling Instructions
JPG (211k)
JPG (382k)
Alternate Text

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Storing Food

Refrigerated Foods Foods in Freezer Shelf-stable Foods in Cabinet  
Refrigerator Storage
JPG (677k)
JPG (5.3mb)
TIF (6.4mb)
EPS (8.1mb)
Freezer Storage
JPG (164k)
JPG (4.0mb)
Storing Shelf-Stable Foods
JPG (198k)
JPG (5.9mb)

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Food Preparation

Washing Hands Clean Surfaces Washing Cutting Board  
Clean Hands
JPG (2.3mb)
JPG (3.6mb)
Clean Surfaces
JPG (198k)
JPG (5.9mb)
TIF (9.8mb)
EPS (12.0mb)
Washing Utensils
JPG (215k)
JPG (6.4mb)

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Cooking Food Safely

Using Chafing Dish to Keep Food Hot Food Thermometer in Chicken Food Thermometer in Chicken Food Thermometer Drawings
Chafing Dish
JPG (116k)
JPG (5.9mb)
Checking Internal Temperature
JPG (189k)
JPG (4.9mb)
Using Food Thermometer
JPG (1.3mb)
JPG (6.16mb)
Food Thermometer Drawings
JPG (288k)
JPG (717k)

Instant-read Dial Food Thermometer Digital Instant-Read Food Thermometer Disposable Temperature Indicators in Hamburger Pop-up Temperature Indicator
Instant-Read Dial Food Thermometer
JPG (30k)
JPG (327k)
EPS (7.1mb)
JPG (B/W, 22k)
EPS (B/W, 1.4mb)
Digital Instant-Read Food Thermometer
JPG (32k)
JPG (275k)
EPS (7.1mb)
JPG (B/W, 26k)
EPS (B/W, 1.4mb)
Disposable Temperature Indicators
JPG (10k)
JPG (338k)
Pop-up Temperature Indicator
JPG (14k)
JPG (390k)

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Special Guidelines for Certain Food

Ham on cutting board Food Thermometer Placement in Whole Turkey Stuffed Turkey on Platter  
JPG (108k)
JPG (3.9mb)
Thermometer Placement in Turkey
JPG (370k)
JPG (6.9mb)
Stuffed Turkey
JPG (248k)
JPG (1mb)

Thermometer in Quiche Roast Resting in Pan    
Egg Dishes
JPG (49k)
JPG (4.3mb)
JPG (155k)
JPG (429mb)

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Specific Preparation & Cooking Methods

Marinating Meat in Refrigerator Thermometer in Stew Microwave Cooking Father and Daughter at Grill
Marinating Meat
JPG (161k)
JPG (9.2mb)
JPG (25k)
JPG (2.9mb)
Microwave Cooking
JPG (577k)
JPG (5.3mb)
TIF (9.8mb)
EPS (12.9mb)
JPG (324k)
JPG (11.2mb)
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Serving Food Safely; Transporting Food

Cooler on Blanket Thermometer in Lasange Bag with 'Take-Out' and Handling Tips Insulated Container and Cold Pack
Cooler on Blanket
JPG (131k)
JPG (5.66mb)
JPG (78k)
JPG (5.0mb)
Take-Out Bag
JPG (170k)
JPG (541k)
Cold Pack
JPG (231k)
JPG (500k)

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Food by Mail; Food Safety In an Emergency

Proper Packaging for Food by Mail Discarding Suspect Food Sanitizing Flooded Canned Goods & Surfaces  
Proper Packaging
JPG (530k)
JPG (3.6mb)
More Mail Order Images
Discarding Suspect Food
JPG (156k)
JPG (8.8mb)
Post-Flood Sanitation Station
JPG (140k)
JPG (3.6mb)

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Mom and Daughter Ask Karen Graphic Ask Karen Graphic Thumbnail, Magazine Cover
Mother & Daughter
JPG (124k)
JPG (665k)
"Ask Karen" Icon
JPG (156k)
JPG (8.8mb)
"Ask Karen" Icon
JPG (140k)
JPG (3.6mb)
Magazine Cover
JPG (169k)
JPG (1.1mb)

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Last Modified Sep 01, 2017