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Thanksgiving Toolkit to Prevent Foodborne Illness

Read This First

This toolkit is designed to help you get started with your local Thanksgiving Food Safety campaign. In this toolkit you will find the core components needed to launch the campaign to promote safe food handling behavior during the holiday.

We have organized the media messages to help make your campaign informative, helpful and fun. Resources include:

  • Press Release – A general press release that can be personalized by your organization to email to local news outlets, radio, newspapers and blogs
  • Talking Points and Q&As
  • Pitch Email Letter – A pitch email can be sent to local news outlets and radio stations to request an interview with the head of the organization to promote food safety
  • Social Media – Suggested tweets and Facebook posts are included to help spread the word about food safety during Thanksgiving
  • General Radio Interview
  • Public Service Announcement (Radio PSA)
  • Infographics
  • B-roll
  • YouTube videos

Please refer to the following guidelines for usage of the USDA logo, colors, and fonts. These materials are available to you at no charge, but any and all uses must conform to these guidelines. Contact USDA for approval of other uses or applications by writing to: fsis.outreach@usda.gov.

USDA symbol in line with those of White House, Department of Health and Human Services.

Official colors of the USDA symbol are dark blue, PMS 288, and dark green, PMS 343.

The USDA logo shall be reproduced in either one or two colors. The official colors for the USDA symbol are dark blue (PMS 288) and dark green (PMS 343). When reproduced in one color, the symbol shall be black. When the symbol is placed on a color field, it should be reversed to white.

The USDA symbol is designated for display on all information products of the Department. To ensure maximum visibility, the preferred position of the symbol on most information products is the top left corner.

When used in conjunction with symbol of other public and/or private-sector partners, the logo should be given equal placement and may be displayed without the Department name. If all of the symbols represent Federal organizations, the symbols should be placed in alphabetical order. If the organizations are a mix of Federal and non-Federal, the lead Federal agency symbol should appear first with the remaining symbols ordered as dictated by the situation.


Download blog posts (ZIP file containing Microsoft Word documents). Topics may include:

  • Tips and Resources for a Bacteria-Free Thanksgiving (English and Spanish)
  • Brining Safely Will Bring Tender, Flavorful Meat to the Thanksgiving Table
  • You’ve Got the Right Stuff(ing)! Tips to Handle Stuffing With Care
  • Don’t Make Turkey Frying a Disastrous Situation This Thanksgiving
  • Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Oh My! Turducken Defies the Traditional Thanksgiving Bird
  • Five Tips So You Don’t Miss the Big Deals With Bad Black Friday Leftovers

Follow the USDA Blog year-round for information on health and safety topics. 

Talking Points | Q&As

Media Materials

These may be customized for your organization.

Consumer Fact Sheets

Publication Requests

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has publications and other resources to help you spread the message about food safety. These items are available at no charge. To order, complete the request form and allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.



Art, Images, Infographics

Clean Infographic

Separate Infographic

Cook Infographic

Chill Infographic


Last Modified Nov 03, 2017