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Summary of Recruitment and Retention Flexibilities: OFO In-Plant VMO, FI, CSI

This information applies to FSIS Office of Field Operations (OFO) in-plant Veterinary Medical Officers (VMO), Food Inspectors (FI) and Consumer Safety Inspectors (CSI).

As of October 1, 2019

*NOTE: Currently, there is a blanket recruitment incentive for in-plant VMOs. Use of recruitment and other incentives is based on agency need and budgetary availability, and they are offered on a case-by-case basis. Incentives are currently under review to determine use of additional flexibilities. 


Recruitment Incentives

Used to attract new hires to positions difficult to fill without an incentive.

Covers newly-appointed and former employees with at least a 90-day break in service.


  • Multiple-year incentive offered to Veterinary Medical Officers. This incentive is currently being offered to all newly-appointed VMO’s. The first payout is at the end of the first year of service.
    • Year 1: $5,000
    • Year 2: $5,000
    • Year 3: $5,000
    • Year 4: $5,000
  • SERVICE AGREEMENT:  There is a 4-year service agreement required for this incentive.

Relocation Incentives

Used to entice current employees who are not in a difficult-to-staff location to accept a position in a difficult-to-staff location that requires relocation to a different geographic area (i.e., more than 50 miles from their current duty location).


  • This type of incentive is an option that may be offered to those who relocate from a not difficult-to-staff location to a difficult-to-staff location.


  • Bonuses of up to 25% of base pay.


  • Employee must establish residence in the new geographic area.

Relocation Expenses

Paid moving expenses in conjunction with relocation incentives.

Refer to: FSIS Directive 3820.1 Rev 4, Relocation Allowances for FSIS Employees, dated 8/21/14


  • Moving expenses may be paid to Veterinary Medical Officers who relocate from a not difficult-to-staff location to a difficult-to-staff location. Move is in the best interest of the government.
  • SERVICE AGREEMENT: 1 year; must remain employed by Federal government

Retention Incentives

Used to retain employees who perform work satisfying a special and critical need, or have very high or unique qualifications, and are likely to leave federal service (e.g., private sector job offer or retirement) in the absence of the incentive.

To be eligible, the employee must have 1 year of continuous service with FSIS and a performance rating of at least “fully successful.”


  • One-year incentive of up to 25% of basic pay offered on a case-by-case basis.
  • A retention incentive may be paid in installments after completion of specified periods of service or in a lump sum after completion of the service period.


  • SERVICE AGREEMENT:  A service agreement is required unless the retention incentive payments are made each pay period.

Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

A recruitment flexibility based on the difficulty experienced or expected in filling a job (e.g., shortage location); the difficulty in recruiting individuals with high or unique qualifications; or a special need of FSIS (e.g., critical mission function, specialized knowledge or qualifications needed by the agency).

A retention flexibility for employees who are likely to leave FSIS for employment outside the federal government when the employee’s departure would affect FSIS’ ability to carry out an activity or perform a function that is deemed essential to the agency mission.


  • Multiple-year payments may be offered to Veterinary Medical Officers, Food Inspectors, and Consumer Safety Inspectors with eligible student loans.

Retention – Other


  • Financial Assistance for Continuing Education

Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual (CSALA)


  • For those with related, creditable and eligible uniformed or non-Federal service, credit toward annual leave accrual may be given for prior work experience that otherwise would not be creditable.
  • A one-year period of continuous service is required to retain service credit obtained under this flexibility.


Last Modified Oct 24, 2019