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Preliminary Pathways and Data for a Risk Assessment
of E. coli O157:H7 in Beef

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Comments and additional data submitted in response to the August 18, 1998 Federal Register Notice by January 8, 1999 will be evaluated for inclusion in the development of the draft risk assessment model.
October 28, 1998
Prepared by:
The E. coli O157:H7 Risk Assessment Team
Peg Coleman, FSIS;
Eric Ebel, FSIS;
Mark Powell, AAAS Fellow;
Tanya Roberts, ERS;
Wayne Schlosser, FSIS
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Chapter 1 (PDF format - 139K) Introduction and Scope
Chapter 2 (PDF format - 62K) Production Module
Chapter 3 (PDF format - 54K) Slaughter Module
Chapter 4 (PDF format - 111K) Preparation Module
Chapter 5 (PDF format - 128K) Public Health Module
Appendix (PDF format - 60K) Predictive Microbiology

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) E. coli O157:H7 Risk Assessment Team members took the lead in preparing different sections of this draft report: Mark Powell (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow, FSIS Epidemiology and Risk Assessment Division, Team Leader, Introduction and Scope), Eric Ebel (FSIS Emerging Pathogens and Zoonotic Diseases Division, Production Module), Tanya Roberts (USDA Economic Research Service, Slaughter Module), Wayne Schlosser (FSIS Emerging Pathogens and Zoonotic Diseases Division, Preparation Module), and Peg Coleman (Epidemiology and Risk Assessment Division, Public Health Module and Predictive Microbiology Appendix). Recent additions to the team include Peter Cowen (North Carolina State University, FSIS Epidemiology and Risk Assessment Division), and Clare Narrod (AAAS Fellow, FSIS Epidemiology and Risk Assessment Division). Anne Marie McNamara, Priscilla Levine, Geri Ransom, and Bonnie Rose of the FSIS Microbiology provided helpful input, comments, and reviews.

The Interagency Food Risk Assessment Group (IFRAG) convened by the USDA Office of Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis provided generous assistance in acquiring relevant data and identification of key issues and alternative approaches at the early assessment stages of problem formulation and conceptual model development. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the following IFRAG participants: Ron Christenson (USDA/ARS) provided input regarding the on-farm production module. Loraine Cannon (USDA/FSIS) Jennifer Kuzma (AAAS Fellow, USDA/ORACBA), and Isabel Walls (National Food Processors Association) provided input on the slaughter module. Paul Frenzen and Katherine Ralston (USDA/ERS), Jenny Scott (National Food Processors Association); Resha Putzrath (Georgetown Risk Group); and InSuk Kim (USDA/FSIS) provided input regarding the public health module.

Finally, we would like to gratefully acknowledge Patricia Griffin of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Richard Whiting of the Food and Drug Administration for preparing presentations on, respectively, the epidemiology and predictive microbiology of E. coli O157:H7 for the October 28, 1998 public meeting.

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