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This page contains summary data on active recall cases.

  • Currently, there are two tables. The first is sortable and shows recalls from 2013 forward. The second table contains all other open cases, and is not sortable.

After a recall is completed, it will be removed from this listing, but will be included in the Recall Case Archive.

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Current FSIS Recalls


Open Federal Cases - 2012 and Earlier
Product Recalled Date of Recall Retail Distribution List*
074-2012, Barbecue Sausage Products (undercooked) Nov 13, 2012 Nov 13, 2012 (PDF Only)
066-2012, Beef and Pork Products (produced without inspection) | En Español PDF Oct 15, 2012 Oct 18, 2012 (PDF Only)
037-2012, Ready-to-Eat Pork Product (Listeria) | En Español PDF Jun 2, 2012 Jun 5, 2012 (PDF Only)
034-2012, Smoked Bratwurst Products (misbranding and undeclared allergens) | En Español PDF May 24, 2012 N/A (Class II Recall)
RNR-023-2012, Steamed BBQ Flavored Pork Buns (undeclared ingredient) Apr 6, 2012 N/A (Class III Recall)
019-2012, Stuffed Beef Products (Listeria) | En Español PDF Mar 29, 2012 No retail sales
084-2011, Turkey Breast (misbranding and... | En Español PDF Oct 20, 2011 N/A (Class II Recall)
069-2011, Chicken Caesar Salad (misbranding/undeclared allergen) | En Español PDF Aug 26, 2011 Aug 26, 2011 (PDF Only)
059-2011, Various Meat Products (Produced Without Inspection) | En Español PDF Jul 28, 2011 Aug 3, 2011 (PDF Only)

Retail Distribution Lists

FSIS has reason to believe that the retail locations listed received the recalled meat or poultry products described in the news release.

Lists may not include all retail locations that have received the recalled product or may include retail locations that did not actually receive the recalled product. Therefore, it is important that you use the product-specific identification information in the news release, in addition to this list of retail stores, to check meat or poultry products in your possession to see if they have been recalled.

For large volume recalls, it may take several days to assemble the initial list. Lists may be updated as additional information becomes available.

"No retail sales" indicates that no retailers were identified for the recall in question. For example, the product may have gone exclusively to restaurants and institutions, and in this case there would be no retailers in the distribution chain.

Finally, FSIS will provide lists when retail sales are associated with a Class I recall. There will be no distribution lists associated with Class II or Class III recalls.


Last Modified May 20, 2016