Thermy for Businesses

FSIS wants to help you use Thermy™ on newsletters, brochures, media materials, floor and counter displays, or point-of-purchase promotional materials that are for educational purposes.
Thermy Magnet/Poster in Spanish Thermy™ for Foodservice Magnet or Poster
Time / temperature recommendations for foodservice, based on FDA Food Code 2001. The magnet is featured in English [Alt Text] and Spanish [Alt Text].

Guidelines for Use of Thermy™ Art & Educational Materials
FSIS/USDA owns the copyright and trademark to Thermy™ art. Nevertheless, FSIS allows and encourages reproduction of the Thermy™ art and materials but only for educational purposes without further permission. Any and all uses of the Thermy™ art must conform to the linked guidelines.

Graphics for Use on Promotional Materials
The images recommended for use on packaging, advertisements, catalogues, displays, or other promotional materials are those shown on this page. Reminder: Thermy™ art must never be modified, altered or pieced apart in any way, unless specific permission has been granted by FSIS.

Thermy™ Materials in Bulk | PDF
Materials are available in quantity from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). To order online, go to the GPO Access Online Bookstore

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Last Modified Oct 18, 2013