Welcome to the Thermy™ web page, where you'll learn why Thermy™ says, "It's Safe to Bite When the Temperature is Right!"
Pork entree Cooking Meat? Check Our Recommended Temperatures
On May 24, 2011 USDA made some changes in their recommended cooking temperatures for meats. Here's what you need to know.

Thermy Logo Guidelines for Use of Thermy™ Art & Education Materials
FSIS allows and encourages reproduction of the Thermy™ art and materials but only for educational purposes without further permission. Any and all uses of the Thermy™ art must conform to the linked guidelines.

Boomburbs Style Guide Communications Guide for Boomburbs Families (PDF Only)
This guide suggests effective strategies, based on social marketing theory, for encouraging the use of food thermometers among one distinct target audience, Boomburbs families.

Background Information

Discover Thermy´s™ history and purpose. Read a letter from Thermy™ and get to know him!

Thermometers & Food Safety

Learn about selection, use, and care of kitchen and food thermometers.

Thermy™ News, Videos, Photos & Images

Read print and video news features; download photos and Thermy™ images.

Thermy™ for Kids

Help children learn and share Thermy´s™ food safety rules.

Thermy™ for Educators

Learn how educators can promote Thermy™ and get Thermy™ educational materials.

Thermy™ for Businesses

This information is for industry partners and cooperators wishing to use Thermy™ materials on or with their products.

Food Thermometer Research

Important scientific and social marketing research supports FSIS' Thermy™ educational campaign.


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