Guidelines for Use of Thermy Art and Educational Materials

Thermy™ is the messenger of a national consumer education campaign designed to promote the use of food thermometers. The campaign is a consumer education initiative of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The term "Thermy™ art" refers to all the following: the Thermy™ character, the name, "Thermy™" and the message, "It's Safe to Bite When the Temperature is Right.," and "Thermy™" with the accompanying statement, "Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA".

The Thermy™ character and message have been consumer-tested. The national educational message is: "It's Safe to Bite When the Temperature is Right."

The FSIS/USDA owns the copyright and trademark to Thermy™ art. Nevertheless, FSIS allows and encourages reproduction of the Thermy™ art and materials but only for educational purposes without further permission. Any and all uses of the Thermy™ art must conform to the guidelines below.

There is no cost to use the Thermy™ art. FSIS encourages use on consumer newsletters, brochures, media materials, floor and counter displays, and point-of-purchase or other promotional materials that are for educational purposes.

Permission for any other reproduction and use of Thermy™, must be granted, depending upon the specific use, by the FSIS/USDA, Food Safety Education Staff, (301) 344-4755. Permission for any use on packaging or labels of meat, poultry, and egg products must be granted by FSIS, depending upon specific use. Contact the FSIS Food Safety Education Office, (301) 344-4755.

USDA does not endorse any products, services, or organizations.

Thermy™ art may be displayed on various educational and promotional materials used to promote the use of food thermometers. However, any such use must make sure that no USDA endorsement of the product is in any way suggested or implied.

  • Use of the theme, messages, or art with commercial or trade names or on products does not imply approval or constitute endorsement.
  • Thermy™ art shall never be displayed or presented in a manner that suggests that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends any product over another or endorses any product.
  • If Thermy™ art is used to promote a specific product, on a package, exhibit, in-store signage, floor and counter displays, or any other promotional materials, the following statement must be displayed:

    USDA does not endorse any products, services, or organizations.

Usage Guidelines

  • Thermy™ art must be accompanied by the national message "It's Safe to Bite When the Temperature is Right," and must include reference to the source of the graphic, the "Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA."
  • There are no color or size restrictions for the Thermy™ art. However, suggested font and 4-color process (CMYK) are available for your use.
  • No other copy or symbol may be printed over the Thermy™ art.
  • Thermy™ art must never be modified, altered or pieced apart in any way, unless specific permission has been granted by FSIS.
  • Thermy™ art must display the correct safe internal temperature of the food, when used in connection with a specific food, as recommended to consumers by the FSIS. A list of safe internal temperatures for consumer use is attached.

    *When using Thermy™ art in conjunction with retail or institutional use, temperatures must be based on the Food and Drug Administration Food Code, subject to local and State food safety and sanitation requirements.

If there are any questions of use, please contact the Food Safety Education Staff of the Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA, at (301) 344-4755.

Last Modified Jul 23, 2013