30-Second Public Service Announcement Script

MIKE: Russ, serve up those burgers! They look done!

RUSS: Mike, you can't tell if they're safe to eat by the color of the meat.

MIKE: Is that a meat thermometer? It looks like my kids' video game.

RUSS: Yeah, it's digital. It beeps when the meat is perfectly cooked.

MIKE: Ah, leave it to you to own the most cutting edge barbecue technology.

RUSS: You better believe it, when it comes to keeping our kids safe.

MIKE: Good point.

KID: Dad, is it done yet?

RUSS: Sure is (beep) - perfectly cooked, perfectly safe.

ANNOUNCER: You can't tell by looking. Use a food thermometer to be sure. For more information visit: www.isitdoneyet.gov.


Last Modified Aug 28, 2013