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Before downloading Be Food Safe graphics, read Be Food Safe Campaign Components (PDF Only). For educators and businesses wishing to produce print quality materials, a DVD is available. To order, call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline or email a request to

Print Advertisements, Radio/TV Ads and Scripts
30- and 60-second radio spots, streaming or downloadable; print ads for clean, separate, cook, chill, or all four steps.

Be Food Safe Activity Book (PDF Only; 3.9mb) | Black & White PDF (1.5mb) | Alternate Text
Puzzles and games for kids.

Be Food Safe Brochure (PDF Only; 661k) | Alternate Text
4-fold color brochure with detachable bookmark.

Be Food Safe Letterhead 

Be Food Safe Logos 
Campaign logos for use in educating consumers about the importance of safe food handling.

Be Food Safe Photo Gallery | Black & White
Color or black and white photos, in multiple formats, related to the four Be Food Safe steps.

Be Food Safe Poster (PDF Only; 25.5 x 33 in., 14.5mb)

Specifications for Be Food Safe Graphics 

News Releases

Last Modified May 25, 2016