FSIS Images

Photo of Cooked Poultry Avian Influenza Photo Gallery
USDA images demonstrating safe cooking and handling of poultry products.
Be Food Safe logo Be Food Safe News, Video, Photos, & Images
Download everything related to this campaign: print advertisements, radio ads and scripts; photo gallery; poster; logos; letterhead. Color and font specifications are given
Cooking for Groups Booklet Cooking for Groups: A Volunteers Guide to Food Safety Image Library
Download copies of the booklet, filled with lots of food safety information for volunteer cooks, on the Cooking For Groups Web page.
Fight BAC!® Image Fight BAC!® Image Library
Campaign artwork includes the BAC® character and symbols of the four basic food safety steps - Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill. For more information or to download additional graphics, go to the Partnership for Food Safety Education Web site.
USDA Food Safety Mobile Image Food Safety Discovery Zone (Mobile) Image Library
Graphics, images, and links to external images related to the USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone.
Food Safety Wheel Game Food Safety Wheel Game
Files and instructions to reproduce this free-standing wheel are offered in two ZIP files. These files are intended for professional printing.
'Is it done yet' temperature chart Is It Done Yet?
Download graphics from FSIS' food thermometer education campaign, including photos of food thermometer use in different types of foods.
Booklet cover Kitchen Companion: Your Safe Food Handbook
This food safety handbook contains all the basic information you need to know about food safety, all in one place. Download images that appear in the publication.
Drawing of a safely-wrapped package of perishable food, with wings Mail Order Food Safety Images
Graphics from a Holiday 2000 campaign that offered tips on ordering or shipping perishable food by mail.
National Food Safety Education Month Logo National Food Safety Education Month® (September) Image Library
Includes NFSEM logo.
Radura Radura (EPS, 300 DPI)
The international symbol for irradiation is called a radura. On a food label, this symbol is accompanied by the words "Treated by Irradiation" or "Treated with Radiation." You may also download a smaller version of the radura symbol (GIF, 72 DPI)
Safe Handling Instructions Label Safe Handling Label (JPG)
Art for Static Cling Decal Image Static Cling Decal Artwork
This graphic was designed with foodservice establishments in mind. Text is as follows: Keep Food Safe. WASH YOUR HANDS. Partnership for Food Safety Education, www.fightbac.org, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA.
Thermy™ Image Thermy™ Image Library
Thermy™ Art and Kit Materials provide a variety of products available in English and Spanish. Visit the Thermy™ Web page to learn more about food thermometers.
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