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The Cooking For Groups Web page has complete information on this topic. Brochure graphics are offered here in a high resolution format (EPS) and low resolution format (JPG). Most are available in color or black and white (B/W).
In the Kitchen

Image of Cooking for Groups Cover Image of Serving Line Image of Open Refrigerator Image of Clean Cutting Board
Cover Art (JPG, Color, 50k) Serving Line (JPG, Color, 106k) | EPS (Color, 21.8mb) | JPG (B/W, 78k) | EPS (B/W, 4.4mb) Refrigerator (JPG, Color, 116k) | EPS (Color, 12.9mb) | JPG (B/W, 80k) | EPS (B/W, 2.7mb) Dishwashing (JPG, Color, 100k) | EPS (Color, 15.5mb) | JPG (B/W, 70k) | EPS (B/W, 3.2mb)

Image of Refrigerator Shelves Image of Cooler Image of Microwave Image of a Serving Line
Refrigerator Shelves (JPG, Color, 120k) | EPS (Color, 14.3mb) | JPG (B/W, 76k) | EPS (B/W, 2.9mb) Cooler (JPG, Color, 94k) | EPS (Color, 14.2mb) | JPG (B/W, 56k) | EPS (B/W, 2.9mb) Microwave (JPG, Color, 102k) | EPS (Color, 19.3mb) | JPG (B/W, 70k) | EPS (B/W, 3.9mb) Serving Line (Color, 102k) | EPS (Color, 19.3mb) | JPG (B/W, 70k) | EPS (B/W, 4.4mb)


Image of a Food Thermometer Image of a Food Thermometer Image of a Food Thermometer Image of a Temperature Chart
Large Dial (JPG, Color, 42k) | EPS (Color, 7.2mb) | JPG (B/W, 34k) | EPS (B/W, 1.4mb) Instant-read Dial (JPG, Color, 30k) | EPS (Color, 7.1mb) | JPG (B/W, 22k) | EPS (B/W, 1.4mb) Digital Instant-read (JPG, Color, 32k) | EPS (Color, 7.1mb) | JPG (B/W, 26k) | EPS (B/W, 1.4mb) Danger Zone (JPG, Color, 104k) | EPS (Color, 9mb)

Contact Us

Image of a Computer Image of a Telephone
Computer (JPG, Color, 62k) | EPS (Color, 13mb) | JPG (B/W, 48k) | EPS (B/W, 2.6mb) Telephone (JPG, Color, 96k) | EPS (Color, 14.2mb) | JPG (B/W, 68k) | EPS (B/W, 2.9mb)

Fight BAC®

Image of Fight Bac!® Chill Quadrant Clean Quadrant Cook Quadrant
Circular Symbol (JPG, Color, 140k) | EPS (Color, 21.5mb) | JPG (B/W, 98k) | EPS (B/W, 4.4mb) Chill Quadrant (JPG, Color, 28k) | EPS (Color, 284k) | JPG (B/W, 22k) | EPS (B/W, 630k) Clean Quadrant (JPG, Color, 30k) | EPS (Color, 292k) | JPG (B/W, 22k) | EPS (B/W, 654k) Cook Quadrant (JPG, Color, 32k) | EPS (Color, 362k) | JPG (B/W, 22k) | EPS (B/W, 636k)

Separate Quadrant Thermy™ Image Turkey Image Image of Quiche
Separate Quadrant (JPG, Color, 34k) | EPS (Color, 368k) | JPG (B/W, 26k) | EPS (B/W, 648k) Thermy™ (JPG, Color, 44k) | EPS (Color, 398k) | JPG (B/W, 40k) | EPS (B/W, 400k) Turkey (JPG, Color, 68k) | EPS (Color, 7.3mb) | JPG (B/W, 48k) | EPS (B/W, 1.5mb) Quiche (JPG, Color, 54k) | EPS (Color, 7.2mb) | JPG (B/W, 38k) | EPS (B/W, 1.5mb)

Thermy™ in Leftovers Image of Ham
Leftovers (JPG, Color, 50k) | EPS (Color, 5.9mb) | JPG (B/W, 34k) | EPS (B/W, 1.2mb) Ham (JPG, Color, 58k) | EPS (Color, 7.2mb) | JPG (B/W, 38k) | EPS (B/W, 7.2mb)

With Spanish Text

Image of Temperature Chart in Spanish Image of a Computer in Spanish Image of a Telephone in Spanish Image of Fight Bac!® in Spanish
Danger Zone/Zona de peligro (JPG, Color, 66k) | EPS (Color, 8844k) | JPG (B/W, 40k) | EPS (B/W, 1773k) Computer (JPG, Color, 98k) | EPS (Color, 13206k) | JPG (B/W, 64k) | EPS (B/W, 2645k) Telephone / Línea de Información (JPG, Color, 30k) | EPS (Color, 292k) | JPG (B/W, 22k) | EPS (B/W, 654k) Combata A BAC Symbol (JPG, Color, 219k) | EPS (Color, 206008k) | JPG (B/W, 127k) | EPS (B/W, 5164k)

Chill Quadrant in Spanish Clean Quadrant in Spanish Cook Quadrant in Spanish Separate Quadrant in Spanish
Enfriar (Chill Quadrant) (JPG, Color, 26k) | EPS (Color, 2979k) | JPG (B/W, 17k) | EPS (B/W, 600k) Limpiar (Clean Quadrant) (JPG, Color, 21k) | EPS (Color, 292k) | JPG (B/W, 21k) | EPS (B/W, 626k) Cocinar (Cook Quadrant) (JPG, Color, 32k) | EPS (Color, 3033k) | JPG (B/W, 18k) | EPS (B/W, 611k) Separar (Separate Quadrant) (JPG, Color, 32k) | EPS (Color, 3053k) | JPG (B/W, 21k) | EPS (B/W, 616k)

Thermy™ Image in Spanish Cooking for Groups Cover in Spanish
Thermy™ (JPG, Color, 53k) | EPS (Color, 8040k) | JPG (B/W, 43k) | EPS (B/W, 1613k) Cover Art (JPG, Color, 223k) | EPS (Color, 20586k) | JPG (B/W, 126k) | EPS (B/W, 4122k)

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