Consumer Research & Focus Group Testing

This page indexes research reports related to FSIS' food safety education programs and includes a list of outside resources for more research findings related to consumer behavior.
Grocery cart; raw meats separated from produce Be Food Safe Research
Social marketing research supports FSIS' new mass media campaign.

Women at a senior center, talking Qualitative Research with Transplant Recipients and Caregivers: Food Safety Messages and Delivery Mechanisms (Jun 2006) | PDF (1.3MB)
Report describes focus group testing of a food safety booklet targeted to bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients and their caregivers. Appendices included in PDF only.

Checking casserole temperature with food thermometer A Report of the "Is It Done Yet?" Social Marketing Campaign To Promote the Use of Food Thermometers (Dec 1, 2005; PDF Only, 1.5MB)
Development and implementation of this campaign, objectives, evaluation of the pilot, and next steps in food thermometer education efforts by FSIS.

At-Risk Consumers
Be Food Safe Mass Media Campaign
Food Thermometer Use
Pathogen Reduction/HACCP Final Rule: Changes in Consumer Behavior
Premature Browning of Hamburger
USDA Food Safety Mobile
Other Resources

USDA Resources
Intergovernmental Resources and Other Partners
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