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Meat, Poultry and Processed Egg Product Inspection

A collection of streaming video and audio resources for meat, poultry and processed egg product inspection.

Food Defense
palm trees blowing in a storm Emergency Response: Flooding (WMV)
Learn how to prepare your establishment for the possibility of flooding and protect your food products from being contaminated.

plant employee Illegally Imported and Smuggled Food Products (WMV)
Learn countermeasures to minimize the risk of receiving intentionally contaminated products.

truck Protecting Food During Transportation (WMV)
Things to consider to protect your food products during transportation.

inspector How To Secure Your Facility (WMV)
Secure your warehouse and distribution centers to minimize the risk of intentional contamination of your food products or supplies.

employee reading Food Vulnerability Assessments (WMV)
Protect your facilities and your products against potential incidents of deliberate contamination.

packaged item USDA Emergency Support Function (WMV)
Learn about FSIS' role in a national emergency response to a natural disaster and non-routine food-related incidents; and how the agency assists the meat, poultry, and egg products industry.

checklist Reducing the Insider Threat (WMV)
Learn why the insider threat is a real risk to your product and facility, potential indicators to be aware of, and where to report suspicious activity.

group at a table Developing Food Defense Plans (WMV)
Learn the importance of developing a food defense plan, a 3-step process to create a plan, and the essential components of a plan.

grocer Food Defense: What Does it Mean to You? (WMV)
Learn why food defense is important to your company and in protecting public health; and how a food defense plan can help you minimize the risk of intentional contamination.

USDA building Who is OFDER (WMV)
Learn about the Office of Food Defense and Emergency Response which serves as the Agency's central office for managing and coordinating homeland security, food defense, and emergency response activities for meat, poultry and processed egg products to further protect public health.

people shopping Food Defense (WMV)
A training video for foodservice businesses to use to prevent intentional contamination of food products, develop contingency plans and improve management.

Food Safety
sampling N60 Sampling Update (WMV)
The video demonstrates the techniques used for FSIS N60 sampling. Topics include a description of the N60 sampling procedures, needed supplies, changes in sampling procedures, and sample packaging and shipping.

2 cows Palatine Tonsils (WMV)
Learn how to identify and remove palatine and lingual tonsils during the cattle slaughter dressing procedure.

people shopping Control of Listeria Monocytogenes in Retail Establishments (WMV)
A training video for state and local agency personnel to use to prevent Listeria monocytogenes contamination at retail establishments.

image of people shopping Food Safety at Pow Wows (WMV)
An educational video for small meat and poultry processors, Native American food processors, food vendors and food safety educators to use to improve food safety practices at pow wows.

inspector The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (WMV)
An overview of the steps required to complete a HACCP plan for use by small and very small meat and poultry plants.

inspector reviewing meat Post Packaging Heat Treatment (WMV)
A training video on the application of heat treatments at specified times and temperatures to reduce levels of L. monocytogenes associated with pre-packaged ready-to-eat meat products.

Orientation Programs
image of inspector New Employee Orientation Program - Food Inspectors
Employee Orientation video on the job and responsibilities of an FSIS Food Inspector.

meat cutting New Plant Orientation Program - Safe and Easy | En Español
New plant orientation video on HACCP and related Federal requirements for use by small and very small meat and poultry processors.


Last Modified Mar 24, 2015