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Food Defense Guidance Documents and Materials

*To order printed copies of the guidance materials and publications listed below, call the Small Plant Help Desk at 1-877-FSISHELP (1-877-374-7435) or send an email to InfoSource@fsis.usda.gov. Items marked with an asterisk ( *) are only available online, and not in print.

Information for:


See our Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheets page for publications that address biosecurity issues and explain how to keep food safe in an emergency.


Developing a Food Defense Plan

Developing a Food Defense Plan for Meat and Poultry Slaughter and Processing Plants (PDF Only) | Chinese | Korean | Spanish *
By completing pages 13 -16 of this guide, you will have a plan specific for your operation.

Elements of a Functional Food Defense Plan * (PDF Only) | Korean
Guidelines for completing the food defense plan profile extension questions.

Food Defense in Regulated Establishments 
This brochure provides an overview of food defense and highlights tools and resources that are available to help your company implement a successful food defense program.

Food Defense Guidelines for Siluriformes Fish Production and Processing (PDF Only) | Chinese | Thai | Vietnamese
A compilation of best practices specifically developed to assist federally-inspected fish facilities. (”Fish” is defined as “all fish of the order Siluriformes.”)

Food Defense Plan Assessment Questions *
FSIS inspectors use these questions to assess the status of an establishment's voluntary adoption of a functional food defense plan.

Food Defense Plan Builder (FDA)
FDA's Food Defense Plan Builder is a user-friendly software program designed to assist owners and operators of food facilities with developing personalized food defense plans for their facilities.

General Food Defense Plan (FSIS Form 5420-5) (PDF Only) | Chinese | French | Korean | Spanish | Vietnamese
Security measures for Food Defense. This voluntary plan documents your measures to protect food and food production processes from intentional harm. Review of this plan and signing the cover sheet will result in a Food Defense Plan for your FSIS-regulated establishment.

Guide To Developing A Food Defense Plan For Warehouse and Distribution Centers (PDF) |  Chinese (DOC) | Spanish PDF
To help owners and operators of warehouse and distribution centers, FSIS has created a new guide and brochure providing key information and assistance in developing a cost-effective Food Defense Plan for your facility. Complete page 11 of the guide and you will have your plan.

Guidance Documents and Checklists

Flooding: A Checklist for Small and Very Small Plants | PDF | Korean PDF
An FSIS checklist that will help small and very small meat, poultry, and egg processing plants identify preparation, response, and recovery activities for their facilities, employees, and affected or contaminated products during a flooding event.

Food Defense Guidelines for Slaughter and Processing Establishments | PDF | Chinese PDF * | Korean PDF * | Spanish PDF | Vietnamese PDF *
Guidelines to assist federal and state inspected plants that slaughter and process meat, poultry, and egg products in identifying ways to strengthen their food protection.

Food Defense Guidelines for the Transportation and Distribution of Meat, Poultry and Processed Egg Products (PDF Only) | Chinese | Korean | Spanish | Vietnamese
Provides recommendations to ensure the security of food products through all phases of the distribution process.

Guide to Food Defense in Slaughter and Processing Facilities – Brochure (PDF) | Korean
This brochure provides an easy, practical, and achievable three-step method for creating a food defense plan at slaughter and processing facilities.

Guide for Security Practices in Transporting Agricultural and Food Commodities* (PDF Only)
This guide is the result of a voluntary cooperative effort of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference (AFTC) of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). It provides voluntary guidance for enhanced security practices within your industry.

Guidelines for the Disposal of Intentionally Adulterated Food Products and the Decontamination of Food Processing Facilities* (PDF Only)
Serves as a resource guide for USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the Department of Health and Human Services' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) field personnel located in District Offices and at food processing facilities.

Information for In-Commerce Firms (PDF Only) | Korean | Spanish
This brochure provides resources and information on food safety and food defense.

Keep America's Food Safe | PDF | Spanish PDF
Guidance to assist transporters, warehouses, distributors, retailers and restaurants with enhancing their security programs to further protect the food supply from contamination due to criminal or terrorist acts.

OSHA Fact Sheet: Influenza in Workers and Pigs: Guidance for Commercial Swine Farmers and Pork Producers*
This Fact Sheet provides worker health and safety guidance to employers who operate swine farms and pork production facilities where workers are in close contact with pigs.

OSHA Quick Card: Protecting Swine Production Workers from Influenza
This QuickCard™ is a small, card that can be printed out and laminated to provide employees brief, plain language safety and health information on how they can protect themselves from Influenza.

Tools & Training Materials

Avian Influenza Training*
Provides the in-plant inspection team with the information and resources needed to recognize clinical signs and gross lesions that could suggest Avian Influenza.

CARVER+Shock Primer* (PDF Only)
The CARVER plus Shock method tool can be used to assess the vulnerabilities within a system or infrastructure to an intentional attack. By doing this assessment, you can determine the most vulnerable points in your system and focus your resources on enhancing food protection at those points.

Food Defense 101 Training (www.fda.gov)
FDA, USDA and CDC have released a training kit for first-line employees in the food and agriculture industry about the risk of intentional food contamination and the actions they can take to identify and reduce risks.

Food Defense and Recall Preparedness: A Scenario-Based Exercise Tool (ZIP) 
This scenario-based tool was developed for regulated establishments to use on their own to increase their readiness to respond to an intentional contamination incident. The ZIP file includes PDF and PPT files.

Food Defense Risk Mitigation Tool
This online tool is part of an ongoing effort by FSIS to help protect the nation's supply of meat, poultry, and egg products from intentional contamination.

Water Emergency Response Tool for Food Processors (www.eden.lsu.edu)
This tool (PDF Only), developed by Penn State Cooperative Extension, consists of a set of questions that can help food processors, food manufacturers, and other large-volume water users to be better prepared for water shortage or water contamination emergency. Login required.


Criminal Investigation Handbook for Agroterrorism (PDF Only)
This handbook is intended for law enforcement and food/agriculture regulatory agencies' investigative personnel to facilitate communication and coordination in the event of a potential or actual agroterrorism incident.

Food Emergency Response Plan Template (PDF Only)
The template is designed to assist states with developing a food emergency response plan. It utilizes National Incident Management System principles.

Last Modified Jun 09, 2016