Docket No. 03-038IF

Meat Produced by Advanced Meat/Bone Separation Machinery and Meat Recovery (AMR) Systems


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Docket No. 03-025N | PDF Prohibition of the Use of Specified Risk Materials for Human Food and Requirements for the Disposition of Non-Ambulatory Disabled Cattle; Meat Produced by Advanced Meat/Bone Separation Machinery and Meat Recovery (AMR) Systems; Prohibition of the Use of Certain Stunning Devices Used To Immobilize Cattle During Slaughter; Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Surveillance Program
Preliminary Analysis of Interim Final Rules and an Interpretive Rule to Prevent the BSE Agent from Entering the U.S. Food Supply
  • Appendix 2. Documentation of Baseline Values
  • Appendix 3. Model for Estimating Cost of SRM Interim Final Rule
  • Appendix 4. Input and Outputs Values for Models used to Estimate Costs of SRM and AMR Interim Final Rules, Including Information or Distribution
  • Appendix 5. Model for Estimating cost of AMR Interim Final Rule
  • Appendix 6. Quantity Estimates of Affected AMR Products
FSIS Technical Service Center - Common BSE Questions and Answers
Provides answers to frequently asked questions concerning BSE.
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FSIS Notice 10-04
Questions and Answers Regarding the Age Determination of Cattle and Sanitation
FSIS Pathology Laboratory Guidebook
The Guidebook contains current protocols for analytical tests required by FSIS regulatory activities on meat, poultry and egg products. Specifically, histotechnical methods are presented for sample preparation, processing, sectioning and staining of tissues found in meat, poultry and egg products.
FSIS to Conduct Teaching Workshops on BSE
The workshops are designed to provide an overview of the Agency's new regulatory requirements to owners and operators of small and very small establishments that process cattle or produce products using Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) and for State plants and State program personnel. See January 16 Constituent Update for details and registration information.
FSIS Notice 7-04
Questions and Answers For FSIS Notice 4-04 Regarding FSIS's BSE Regulations
USDA Issues New Regulations to Address BSE
Summary of Calendar Year 2003 Testing (6 pp)
January 2004

Food Safety and Inspection Service
Office of Public Health and Science

FSIS Notice 5-04
Interim Guidance For Non-Ambulatory Disabled Cattle and Age Determination
FSIS Notice 4-04
Awareness Meeting Regarding New Regulations That Prohibit Non-Ambulatory Disabled Cattle and the Use of Certain Materials From Cattle for Human Food
Advanced Meat Recovery Systems (7 pp)

Lester M. Crawford, DVM, PhD
Center for Food & Nutrition Policy
Georgetown University

Advanced Meat Recovery System Survey Project - Final Report (45 pp)
February 21, 1997

Dr. Robert J. Hasiak and Harry Marks

Draft - AMR Analysis (52 pp)
January 8, 2003
FSIS Directive 7160.1 (4 pp)
Meat Produced by Advanced Meat/Bone Separation Machinery and Meat Recovery Systems
FSIS Directive 7160.2 (3 pp)
"Meat" Prepared Using Advanced Mechanical Meat/Bone Separation Machinery and Meat Recovery Systems
FSIS Directive 7160.3 Revision 1 (6 pp)
Advanced Meat Recovery Using Beef Vertebral Raw Materials

Draft - Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) Technical Paper:  Derivation of Excess Iron Limits for Meat Products Produced by Advanced Recovery Systems (21 pp)

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) - Petition for Regulatory Action (29 pp)

The Sparks Companies, Inc. Analysis of Proposed USDA Regulations (20 pp)
July 1999

Press Release (2 pp)

Public Citizen Critical Energy and Environment Program

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Risk Assessment

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